Evidence destroyed in case of missing Ayotzinapa students
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Evidence destroyed in case of missing Ayotzinapa students

Experts from the Interamerican Human Rights Commission (CIDH) investigating the case of the 43 missing students in Mexico, have confirmed that video record evidence has been destroyed.

“We are particularly concerned by the loss of case evidence,” Guatemalan former prosecutor Claudia Paz said, during the fifth visit to the country as part of attempts to locate the students who went missing nearly a year ago.

Television channel Univision broadcast images of the students prior to their disappearance.

New evidence has been sent to a laboratory at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, in the hope of finding new DNA evidence from clothes found at the scene.

Serious consequences

“The Mexican state has to respond to our query this week,” Chilean lawyer Francisco Cox, part of the team of experts investigating the case, added.

“This is serious, both for the investigation and also due to the importance that this has for relatives,” Colombian lawyer Ángela Buitrago commented during a press conference.

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The investigation committee has also criticized the Mexican state’s management of testimonies from 26 soldiers from the 27 battalion, alleged witnesses to the student attacks.

The soldiers have been exempt from interview, instead having to produce written testimonies in accordance with the Mexican legal system.

“This can’t be silenced,”

“They have told us that we can ask questions but they can’t be asked directly, nor can they be related to the soldiers’ witness reports.” Carlos Beristain, a Spanish specialist in victim relations said.

“We can’t allow so many crimes to keep happening, it’s the same story on a daily basis, it’s as if the government doesn’t care and has no answers,” Felipe de la Cruz, spokesperson for the families of the missing students commented.

“All of us parents are aware that the truth has to be heard, justice, whatever that means, this can’t be silenced or forgotten.”