International media reacts to Argentina's #Tucumanazo
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International media reacts to Argentina's #Tucumanazo

Under the hashtag #Tucumanazo, Argentines shared and uploaded videos and images of the violent police response to the protests.

Protests and reactions to fraud claims against Tucumán governor Juan Manzur were widely covered by international press and social media, taking protests off the streets and onto the internet.

Social media storm

“The people take to the square… be strong brothers… the whole of Argentina is with you.” One user tweets.

Another user tweets a video shot outside Manzur’s residence.

“#Tucumanazo corruption and impunity has taken away our dream of building the future we deserve.” Another user tweets, showing a video of protestors gathering in the town’s square.

Violence left at least 20 people injured, as police fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowds.

Media backlash

Spanish daily El País provided wide coverage of the events unfolding in the north of Argentina.

“Victory for Kircherism after various candidates invested large quantities of money to obtain citizen votes,” journalist Carlos Cué wrote.

More than 100 cars waited at the doors of one polling station, decorated in the various party colors, ready to transport voters safely home.

Each party car cost political candidates around 1000 pesos (around $100).

Cristina Fernández political front the Front for Victory (FPV) gained victory in the province, good news for her party prior to the October 25 elections.

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