Love your curves: Bogotá, Colombia, hosts first plus size fashion event
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Love your curves: Bogotá, Colombia, hosts first plus size fashion event

“Love your curves” was the slogan behind this weekend’s plus size fashion event in Bogotá, Colombia, a country where being big is often stigmatized.

Far from from the measurements of Miss World winner Paulina Vega, the girls who graced the capital’s catwalk were a long way off the contentious 90-60-90 required to take part in the international pageant.


Photo: Pulzo

“It’s a very new event because larger sizes have often been seen as unfashionable in Colombia, because there are no options available for larger girls,” event director Ana María Angulo told

Big is beautiful

“The Plus Size Fashion Weekend was thought up as an answer for women who like fashion, but they don’t fit in a regular size as there aren’t enough options on the national market. Nevertheless, through the event, we want to highlight the brands which work in this sector.” Ana María added.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-25-at-10.08.19-1024x7721  Screen-Shot-2015-08-25-at-10.05.12-1024x7941

Photo: El Tiempo

Anggy Díaz, one of the models at the event, hails from the Colombia-Venezuela border.

Short shorts

She relates a shopping experience in Colombia’s second city Medellín: “The salesman said to me: that’s not going to fit you, you’re going to rip it.”

Díaz has always dreamed of wearing hot pants. The plus size event in Bogotá has finally allowed her to do so.

“It’s at events like this I feel really proud of my 105 kilos.” she adds, despite later mentioning she is trying to slim down to 80 kilos and still remain on the plus size model circuit.

Miss Gordita

Big is beautiful across Latin America, with Paraguay hosting the fourth edition of its “Miss Gordita” pageant in April this year.

The only requirement: you have to weigh more than 70 kilos.

Close to 56 percent of Paraguay’s population is obese.

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