Maduro calls Uribe out in weightlifting video
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Maduro calls Uribe out in weightlifting video

As tensions heat up over the deportation of Colombians living across the border in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro has released a video calling on ex-president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe Vélez.

During his television program “Contacto con Maduro”, the president broadcast a video of himself lifting weights.

“Right let’s see, one, two, three.. let’s hope Uribe sees this. Look Uribe, we’re fit. Come here and get what’s coming for you!”

Uribe has become the butt of many jokes on social media. This tweet reads “Don’t send them back, it cost me enough to displace them.”

Uribe has responded, tweeting a photo of himself holding a placard reading “Maduro is a fascist, an oligarch of the left, xenophobic terrorist, torturer of the left, criminal of the left.”

Venezuelans have been responding to the border problems under the hashtag #VenezuelaExigeRespeto:

#VenezuelaExigeRespeto has broken a record with 1,040 publications a minute, it’s the number one trend.” A tweet reads.

“We love you Nicolás, son of Chávez!” Reads another tweet, showing Maduro with an iron fist.

Unfinished business

Tensions between Maduro and Uribe are deep rooted.

During his 2002 to 2010 presidency, Uribe was accused of having close ties to paramilitary groups, accused of sponsoring militia during the 1990s, The Guardian reported.

Still, Uribe remains involved in the border efforts.

This video shows the senator grocery shopping for deported Colombians.

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