The minions and football players: Chilean cumbia goes viral
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The minions and football players: Chilean cumbia goes viral

Chilean ex-television star and cumbia composer Rogelio Rojas has once again had social media buzzing.

The one-time participant of the show “Rojo, Fama contra Fama”  has released a new cumbia – a music genre popular across Latin America.

This time, the stars of his composition are none other than stars of the “Despicable me” movie: the minions.

Cumbia fun

“The song is dedicated to children in Chile and across Latin America, it’s already being played on a few of the country’s radio stations,” comedian Rojas commented.

This isn’t Rojas’ first musical composition during 2015, his “Cumbia del dedo” (finger cumbia), is dedicated to Chilean striker Gonzalo Jara.

Jara’s decidedly off tactics saw him touch Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani’s backside during the match.

Chile went on to beat Uruguay one – nil.

A total of nine players were sent off during the match.

If you haven’t yet seen the cumbia, here is the Youtube video:

“Rogelio Rojas, the creative machine behind the “cumbia del dedo”/”cumbia de los minions”/ “la cumbia de <insert your current situation here>” one tweet reads:

“King of the drinks”

Then of course, there was the cumbia inspired by Chilean player Arturo Vidal.

The player was permitted to remain in the Copa América tournament despite suffering a drink-driving accident.

You can see the video for Rojas’ cumbia dedicated to the “King of the drinks” below:

Who will inspire Rojas next?

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