What next as Venezuela-Colombia border crisis worsens?
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What next as Venezuela-Colombia border crisis worsens?

“The Venezuelan army broke in, they frisked us, they are marking all the houses with either a blue or orange aerosol on the walls or on the door, they don’t care. They have no fixed schedule, they have broken into my house three times,” Carmen, a Colombian who lives in Venezuela with two teenage sons comments.

“There’s abuse, lone women are insulted and grabbed, and they is physical violence towards men.” She adds.

Around 1000 Colombians have been deported since Nicolás Maduro announced a border closure, an alleged 10 were paramilitaries.

Those with homes, are either marked with a “R” or  “D” in aerosol.

“R” for searches, “D” for total demolition.

What next?

The Colombia-Venezuela border is around 2.219 kilometers in length, one of the most densely populated in the whole of Latin America.

So what exactly is President Nicolás Maduro aiming for?

The threat of paramilitary attacks and its links with terrorism were dreamed up under the Hugo Chávez registration. By ridding Venezuela of corruption and any form of threat, Maduro could be hoping for a last ditch increase in support prior to the country’s elections.

Luis Almagro, OAS secretary (Organization of American States) and also subject to one of Maduro’s latest attacks commented “we are in direct talks with the parties, this is the fundamental instrument needed to solve this crisis.”

“Knowledge and diplomacy,”

“We don’t need, nor are we lacking in strength to defend all of our compatriots, when their security is under threat or their basic human rights have been violated,  but this strength requires knowledge and diplomacy. Confrontation only fuels political, individual and electoral interests, it doesn’t lead us to a satisfactory solution.” Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos commented in an address.

For now, the wait continues, forcing hundreds more Colombians to flee across the border as dialogues between the two countries and crisis along the border continues.

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