School of Business, Economics and Informatics, Birkbeck, University of London – UK
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School of Business, Economics and Informatics, Birkbeck, University of London – UK

Ranked in the top 250 universities in the world

Birkbeck is a world-class research and teaching institution, a vibrant centre of academic excellence and London’s only specialist provider of evening higher education.

The Department of Management, based in the School of Business, Economics and Informatics at Birkbeck, is the largest department at Birkbeck and offers a wide range of courses. The Department’s postgraduate courses cover a variety of subject areas, including accounting & finance, international business, management, and marketing.  Most of the courses have flexible module choices enabling students to choose a more focused subject area. The Department has a thriving international student body studying alongside London’s working professionals.

Gain a University of London qualification

Birkbeck is part of the University of London, the third oldest university in England. More than 22,000 students from around the world receive University of London degrees each year.

Birkbeck offers students the opportunity to gain their University of London qualification through evening taught classes. This intensive way of learning attracts determined students who are serious about their future, and gives international students a unique opportunity to study alongside London’s working professionals.

At Birkbeck, the world comes into the classroom

Birkbeck has students from over 120 countries and what these students share is a dedication to their studies and a determination to achieve. Students will not only learn the latest theory from leading academics, they will also discuss how this relates to the workplace and the wider world.

Our students are passionate about their time at Birkbeck and in London, and often say that “Birkbeck changed their life”. Graduates take away more than a qualification: the intensity of Birkbeck learning creates an enduring bond, provides a wide social and professional network to help alumni after their studies are complete. Birkbeck maintains a strong connection with many alumni students throughout their lives.

Birkbeck offers a Friendship Scheme to all international students: new students are partnered with an alumni or current student who is able to give advice and support – starting before the international student has left their home country.

The School of Business, Economics & Informatics at Birkbeck takes great pride in supporting students. The School employs a Learning Support team who are able to give support beyond the typical lecturers. They give professional development and study skills classes and are available for 1:1 meetings throughout the year to discuss the student’s progress and answer particular study questions, for example on the submission of an essay.

The School also has an International Manager who helps students to settle in and ensures that they are well supported and looked after. The School hosts an International Student Forum once per week during term time. This forum is a mix of study skills classes, professional support courses and social activities. For 2015/6, social activities include a networking event, bowling, sightseeing in London (double decker bus tour, London Eye, a tour in the British Museum), a visit to Birkbeck’s own cinema and a staff vs student football tournament. The School asks students to get involved and shape the Forum to make it what they want it to be.

Earn while you learn

The highly regarded degrees awarded to Birkbeck students by the University of London open doors, which is why Birkbeck alumni go on to work with some of the world’s more respected employers.

Birkbeck understands that some international students might need to work to support themselves or want to gain work experience whilst studying. The Birkbeck Careers team is on hand to give dedicated support including 1:1 support, for example in writing a CV or preparing for an interview. The Birkbeck Talent team helps students to find paid employment.

There is nowhere better to study than London, and Birkbeck is right at its heart, giving access to everything this global city has to offer.

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