Shakira to play gazelle in new Disney movie
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Shakira to play gazelle in new Disney movie

Colombian singer Shakira has tweeted the news that she will lend her voice to the character Gazelle in the new Disney movie Zootopia.

The movie will be released during March 2016.

Zootopia is a modern animal metropolis, with regions such as Tundratown and Bunny burrows.

The inhabitants face prejudice based on prior ideas and notions about their species.

Cue the arrival of rabbit police officer Judy Hopps, determined to prove herself by taking on a tough case.

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The movie is directed by Bryan Howard and Rich Moore.

The Grammy winning singer is rumored to be contributing an upbeat song for the movie.

Shakira has made several recent news appearances, after being hit in the face by a football from partner Gerard Piqué.

The singer’s youngest son Sasha also looks set to follow in his father’s footsteps, after the singer tweeted a video of the tot kicking a ball.

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