Suspects yet to be found in Luis Carlos Galán murder
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Suspects yet to be found in Luis Carlos Galán murder

This year marks the 26th anniversary since the death of Colombian Liberal party leader Luis Carlos Galán, gunned down in Bogotá while giving a speech in the run up to the elections.

Galán was enemy of Colombia’s various drug cartels, mainly that of Pablo Escobar’s Medellín cartel, due to his support for an extradition treaty to the U.S.

An untimely death

The candidate’s election could have marked a turning point in the history of Colombian politics, as he aimed to introduce his own branch of New Liberalism to the country’s voters.

As Galán took to the stage in front of 10,000 people in Soacha, a neighborhood in the south of the Colombian capital, he was shot down by a machine gun in 1989.

Despite receiving previous death threats the politician and journalist had decided to go ahead.

“He told me, I want to be President of Colombia,” Jesús Calderón, known as “Chucho”, commented, one time photographer for Galán’s political campaign train.

New evidence?

According to Colombia’s W Radio, Jacobo Alfonso Torregrosa a one-time police chief and Galán’s head of security could be key in solving the mystery behind his murder.

“If this is confirmed, he will be a very important and significant witness, but it will also ensure that one of the main suspects will face justice. He was responsible for neglecting my father’s safety,” Liberal senator and son of Carlos Galán, Juan Manuel Galán told the radio station.

But according to John Jairo Velásquez aka “Popeye”, Pablo Escobar’s one time hitman, Galán’s murder had been planned on a remote farm in Medellín, with firm backing from Liberal party leader Alberto Santofimio.

Corrupt members of Colombia’s ex-security branch the DAS and the military were also rumored to have been involved.

Wrong place, wrong time

New evidence from ex-DAS director Miguel Alfredo Maza Márquez
reveals that the Galán family “didn’t trust Torregrosa.” Colombian daily Vanguardia reports.

Galán’s new security chief took on the role only a few weeks before his murder.

For family members and relatives, the wait continues.

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