Venezuelans set to march against hunger
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Venezuelans set to march against hunger

Venezuelans are preparing to march in protest of hunger and oppression as the South American country grapples with rising violence in food lines.

The past week saw daily reports of looting in supermarkets and raids on food trucks. The country’s opposition coalition called for Saturday’s march after a man was killed and 60 were arrested amid the looting of several grocery stores in an industrial town.

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A local nonprofit, Venezuelan Observatory, says there were 56 episodes of looting and 76 looting attempts in the first half of 2015.

President Nicolas Maduro has called these episodes part of a plot to weaken the country’s 16-year-old socialist revolution, and has accused the United States of helping orchestrate them.

Some blame the violence on the discontinuation of a rationing system at government-run stores.

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