Álvaro Uribe and "imperfect peace"
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Álvaro Uribe and "imperfect peace"

Álvaro Uribe Vélez, ex-president of Colombia, could face investigation by the country’s peace tribunal for alleged paramilitary ties.

Uribe could have to answer to prosecutor general Eduardo Montealegre for having links with the armed group while acting as governor of Colombia’s Antioquia department from 1995 to 1997, El Espectador reports.

Uribe could face up to 20 years in jail, under the charge of committing war crimes.

“They (the peace negotiators) are going to give up the country to the FARC, put me in jail, it’s a valiant effort, this is the imperfect peace they are looking for.” Uribe commented.

“Imperfect peace”

Since news broke of Juan Manuel Santos hoping to sign a peace agreement by March next year, the senator has launched his own Twitter war against the negotiations in Havana under the hashtag: #AcuerdoDeImpunidad (Impunity Agreement).

His one-man attack against Santos and the FARC continues, attracting followers and maintaining a climate of uncertainty for those that currently are on Uribe’s Twitter feed:

“Santos and the FARC will name the Tribunal to be ratified by Congress. Terrorism imposes justice. Where are we going?” He tweeted.

“Unpunished peace is short-lived peace.” He later tweeted on September 30.

Jail time?

But Uribe has had some support, in the form of FARC chief negotiator Humberto De la Calle and Peace Commissioner Sergio Jaramillo.

“Those guilty of more serious crimes should appear there (in court),” Jaramillo commented.

While De la Calle expressed “The government doesn’t conceive, promote or accept that the agreement in Havana should modify the type of sentencing given to Presidents of the Republic.”

Uribe’s Twitter war looks set to continue, for the time being.

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