Charly García shares homage to Cerati
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Charly García shares homage to Cerati

Despite still recovering after a hip operation, Argentine rock legend Charly García is using his time productively one journalist revealed.

García, now 73-years-old, was once founder of one of Argentina’s most well known rock duos from the 1970s: Sui Géneris.

Carlos Alberto García Moreno (who performs under his pseudonym Charly) has recorded over 41 albums during his extensive career.

Suo Géneris separated in 1975, performing their last show at the Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires on September 5 1975.

During a visit from producer and journalist, friend José Palazzo, García shared a video tribute to another famed Argentine rock legend: Gustavo Cerati.

Hospital invalid to internet sensation

Pictured with his guitar and later with a keyboard, García appears tired but well.

“Charly’s homage to Cerati from his room, in this video he plays”rasguña de las piedras”” Palazzo tweeted.

“Charly making music from his room in the clinic, a true maestro.” he further tweets.

Despite undergoing the operation two months ago, García remained in good spirits.

“I’m going to be the only artist to play a homage to Cerati without charging,” he joked.

Gustavo Cerati was lead singer for the band Soda Stereo, leaders in the “rock en español” movement across Latin America. Cerati suffered an accident during 2010, resulting in him lying in a coma for four years. He passed away in 2014.

On the mend

As for García, “He isn’t undergoing clinical treatment, its all physiotherapy.” Palazzo commented.

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