Clowns and indecent imagery: pranks in Bogotá
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Clowns and indecent imagery: pranks in Bogotá

Colombian Youtube pranksters from channel “Siendokam” have once again taken to the streets of Bogotá, on this occasion masquerading as killer clowns.

Clowning around

Inspired by American pranksters “DM Pranks Productions”, the jokers have created their own spin on killer clowns.

In a video produced during September in the Andean capital, Camilo Mora and his friends appear pursuing innocent passers by around the city.

Check out the man who decides to throw a giant rock at the clown in his defense.

The “Payaso Asesino” (clown murderer) has a mixed response – as pedestrians appear to be more afraid of being mugged.


Photo: Youtube

“I talk about everything, added a light touch of criticism and social awareness. I’m not telling you what to do, nor am I telling the truth, I am just expressing an opinion.” Is the description provided for Siendokam’s channel.


Users of Bogotá’s mass transport system the Transmilenio were also witness to a prank of a different kind at the Universidades station in the center of the city.

An anonimous hacker had managed to upload pornographic images onto a billboard for home improvement store Homecenter.

“In all likelihood a hacker saw the opportunity to make a sick joke and modified the content so that the brand was misrepresented.” Álvaro Trocha, a digital security expert told Semana.

Social media users were quick to respond:

“A porn video appears in Homecenter’s advertisement… they took drilling to a new level.” One Twitter user jokes.

The video was swiftly removed.

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