Colombia: Nicolás Gaviria apologizes, escapes jail sentence
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Colombia: Nicolás Gaviria apologizes, escapes jail sentence

Colombian Nicolás Gaviria made national headlines earlier this year after an altercation involving police during a night out in Bogotá turned him into a viral hit.

The 29-year-old, stopped for being drunk and disorderly on a night out, tried to intimidate officers by stating he was the nephew of former president Cesár Gaviria, using the now infamous one-liner “You don’t know who I am,” (“Usted no sabe quien soy yo”).

Gaviria also told officers that they couldn’t arrest him as he was working undercover as an FBI agent.

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“Usted no sabe quien soy yo” makes Nicolás Gaviria the laughingstock of Colombia

Gaviria is now back in the headlines after making a formal apology to around 500 officers from Bogotá’s police force, many of whom patrol the capital’s Zona Rosa district, an area filled with bars and clubs.

“I would like to reiterate my sincere apologies once again to society in general and to the police officers Oscar Ánaconda, Victor Pico, Jairo Díaz. I am very sorry. I want others others to learn from my mistake, as do I, so that another similar situation won’t occur,” Colombian radio station Blu Radio broadcast the meeting.

Gaviria’s apology has even saved him from serving a prison sentence.


Extensive media coverage of Gaviria’s apology has received a backlash on Twitter:

“The idiot Nicolás Gaviria has today had cameras, news channels and press to cover his national apology. He’s surely a pre-candidate for something.” One user tweets.

“Mistreating our police officers and apologizing isn’t the solution. But it was for this imbecile Nicolás Gaviria, what ridiculous justice.”

“The fact that Nicolás Gaviria makes a public apology doesn’t stop him from being an imbecile.”
This year alone, around 800 police officers have been threatened while on duty, El Tiempo reports.

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