El Salvador: After three-month wait, baby-swap couple finally receive their son
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El Salvador: After three-month wait, baby-swap couple finally receive their son

After an anxious three-month-long wait a couple in El Salvador have finally had their baby returned, after the new born was switched in a private clinic.

Mercedes Casanellas and her British husband Richard Cushworth, working as missionaries in the Central American country, suspected that the baby they took home with them wasn’t their son Jacob.

Casanellas was due to give birth on June 20, but was submitted to an emergency C-section.


The family with the baby given to them at the clinic.
Photo: La Prensa.

The family decided to complete DNA testing while returning back home to the U.S., which soon revealed the worst: the baby wasn’t their biological son.

Baby blues

The doctor overseeing the operation Alejandro Guidos was arrested during the investigation, over fears that he was linked to an international child trafficking ring.

“I’m not the biological mother of the baby that they gave me in the hospital… I just want the doctor to tell me where my baby is.” Casanellas commented.

As the couple finally received their baby boy after an agonizing wait, Guidos and other members of the private hospital in San Salvador, are still being questioned.

“Don’t like your baby? Here in El Salvador we will change it for you!” One Twitter user comments:

“El Salvador after the baby is returned.” Another user tweets:

Another user tweets British press coverage of the case:

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