El Wero, the latest star to attack Donald Trump
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El Wero, the latest star to attack Donald Trump

Following “El Chapo”, Paulina Rubio and Pitbull’s public attacks against U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, Mexican Angelo García, alias “El Wero” is the latest celebrity to attack the media mogul.

The 39-year-old former member of Puerto Rican boy band El Menudo has released a Youtube video, shared on his Facebook page, titled “Latinos Unidos.”

The corrido will be part of El Wero’s new album.

Trump card

“This song is dedicated to all my Mexican people who I love, so that you know El Wero is with you… we are “Latinos Unidos”, no to racism, no to Trump the clown! I love Mexicans so much and you all have a place in my heart!” El Wero raps in his video message.

“OMG…. Latinos Unidos. My corrido is viral on social networks and causing controversy!” El Wero tweeted.

Good news for gamers

Mexican gaming fans have developed a Trump-themed game for release on Android applications.

Players throw spiked cactus and tequila bottles at the politician while he shouts out comments from his campaign such as “Mexicans are rapists” and “Mexico isn’t our friend.”


Photo: Semana

“The character does so many funny things, he comes out with stuff, shouts, fights and says things that are really funny. It’s a parody based on that.” Jorge Suárez, president of KaraOculta the Chiapas-based gaming firm behind the game commented.

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