FARC ready to discuss movement into politics
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FARC ready to discuss movement into politics

Guerrilla the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have announced they are ready to discuss the transition from armed group to political party.

“In relation to reincorporating the FARC into civil life, we are ready to draw up and discuss processes for the organization to transition from surrendering our arms into becoming an open political movement. We have given the government our plenipotentiaries, a collection of basic agreements which need to be confirmed.” FARC chief negotiator Iván Márquez commented.

New cycle, new challenges

The group are ready to begin discussions on the fifth point of their peace process agenda: conflict resolution.

“We are ready to make a concerted effort, buoyed on by the national willingness to reach a definitive agreement, a starting point for democratic and progressive changes. Peace is knocking at doors across Colombia.” he added.

The group tweeted the end of the 41st cycle of peace talks, held in Havana, Cuba:

The 42nd cycle of peace talks will begin on September 28 until October 8.

So close, yet so far?

The FARC rejected the “constitutional reform for peace” proposed by President Juan Manuel Santos’ government earlier this week.

“Why insist on the creation of procedures which only serve to plague the environment surrounding the negotiating table with distrust, so close to signing such a historic agreement?”  Carlos Antonio Lozada, from the FARC technical subcommittee commented.

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