Guatemala: Presidential election results, who’s in the running?
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Guatemala: Presidential election results, who’s in the running?

Guatemalans voted for a new president while the winner of the 2011 election, Otto Pérez Molina, faces charges of corruption.

Pérez was involved in the country’s “La Linea” scandal, charged with embezzling millions of dollars.

Ex-vicepresident Roxana Baldetti is already in prison while awaiting her trial.

Three-way race

Recent polling by Guatemalan media had indicated a three-way race between Manuel Baldizón of the Renewed Democratic Liberty party (LIDER), Jimmy Morales of the National Convergence Front party (FCN) and Sandra Torres of the National Unity of Hope party (UNE).

No candidate was polling close to the majority needed to prevent a run-off.

Baldizón is a former member of Guatemala’s National Congress who ran against Otto Pérez Molina in 2011, losing in the run-off election.

Morales is a television personality who serves as the general secretary of his FCN party.

Torres is the former first lady of Guatemala, who was  declared an ineligible a presidential candidate in a 2011 attempted run, after divorcing then-president Álvaro Colom.

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