Joaquín Miranda, the first adolescent to ask his parents to adopt him
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Joaquín Miranda, the first adolescent to ask his parents to adopt him

Joaquín is a normal teenager, living in Argentina as part of the Farré Giraudo family.

But this 14-year-old has made international headlines, becoming the first teenager to contract his own lawyer so that his parents legally adopt him.

“I want to be a part of the family.”

“I have friends who were adopted and took on their new parents’ name immediately, but I didn’t. I always said that I wanted parents like that.” Joaquín commented.

“I’m sick of my friends asking me why I don’t have my parents’ surname, I want to be a part of the family.”


Joaquín with Nancy Giraudo and Enrique Farré
Photo: Infojusnoticias

Brought up by his grandmother Estela, after his biological mother was unable to bring him up, Joaquín expressed his desire to have a family from his young age.

He has been living with the Nancy Giraudo and Enrique Farré for the past 11-years, still under his surname Miranda.

But despite being part of the family, legally Joaquín was never granted full adoption by Argentine court.

Yet, the minors’ defense-lawyer believes that the teenager should maintain a relationship with Susana, his biological mother.

He has had sporadic contact with Susana during the past three-years.

“I don’t feel anything for her, just because she gave birth to me they can’t force me to see her.” the adolescent said.

Children’s lawyer

Argentina passed a 2005 law, creating a “Children’s lawyer” to represent the rights of minors in court cases.

A new civil code in the country aims to increase minors’ rights, meaning that cases such as Joaquín’s might not be so isolated.

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Joaquín Miranda
Photo: Infojusnoticias

“This is a philosophical discussion. The judge and defense suggested that Joaquín maintains contact with his biological mother, but he hasn’t wanted to for a few years. There has been resistance to grant him full-adoption.” Joaquín’s lawyer Eliana Groisman added.

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