"It's a joke," Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos reacts to Maduro's latest spectacle
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"It's a joke," Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos reacts to Maduro's latest spectacle

As a second week ends during the Venezuela-Colombia border dispute, a video of President Nicolás Maduro has not been well received by the neighbors.

In the Youtube video, Maduro appears dancing to the traditional Colombian song “La Pollera colorá” (a pollera is a long skirt used for typical dances) with his wife.

Ironic that Maduro is in the party spirit since around 1000 Colombians have been deported from neighboring Venezuela during the past two weeks.

In an interview with Jorge Ramos from Univisión Santos commented “A neighboring country shouldn’t blame us for their own flaws or for their problems, the shortages problem in Venezuela isn’t a problem caused by Colombians.”

“Mr President, when you saw Nicolás Maduro dancing to the Pollera colorá with his wife, did you think it was a joke?” Ramos asked.

“Yes I thought it was a joke. It made no sense to me. I didn’t like it, but of course we saw it on television.” Santos replied.

Ready to talk

Santos has expressed he is ready to begin talks with Maduro, following lack of the OAS involvement in the ongoing spat.

“I want President Maduro to know I’m willing to meet, but Colombians must have their basic rights respected and we need him to take steps in that direction,” Santos said.

Around 11,000 Colombians have left Venezuela since the partial closure of the border, whom Santos claims must be allowed to go back and claim their possessions.

A total of 2,000 children have also been unable to cross to border to attend school in Colombia.

“If those conditions, which are minimum humanitarian conditions, are met, I’ll sit down to fix this problem,” Santos concluded.

For now Maduro is yet to respond.

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