The legacy of Colombia's "Black Widow"
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The legacy of Colombia's "Black Widow"

Griselda Blanco, alias “La Viuda Negra” (The Black Widow) was a woman of extravagant tastes, known for her vast shoe collection (300 pairs) and even owning a ring once belonging to wife of the Argentine Peronist party, Eva Perón.

Once famed for being Pablo Escobar’s mentor and the first true pioneer of cocaine exportation, at one point in her career she was trafficking up to 1,500 kilos of cocaine monthly.


Photo: El Tiempo

The widow killed 250 people, including two of her husbands, and had even planned to kidnap John Kennedy Junior.

After being sentenced to 60-years in prison by a U.S. court in 2004, the widow died in 2012 after completing 20-years of her sentence, leaving behind four properties valued at around four billion pesos ($1.3 million) in Medellín’s exclusive “El Poblado” neighborhood.

A black past

Starting off her seedy career as an 11-year-old prostitute, the widow soon realized that money was to be made in drugs, no matter the cost.

“Griselda Blanco is known as the black widow as she killed two of her partners, due to doubts over how they were managing her assets,” Medellín prosecutor Andrea Malagón commented.

It was Blanco who also created Medellín’s notorious “sicario” contract killer system (paying a third party to murder an individual with outstanding debts). Ironically the widow was assassinated by sicario killers, following her deportation to Colombia in 2004.

Authorities in Medellín are now beginning a process of redistributing the properties, one of which includes a shopping mall.

More properties are still believed to be in the hands of the Blanco family.

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