Maduro launches unique socialist footwear: Hugo Chávez boots
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Maduro launches unique socialist footwear: Hugo Chávez boots

Despite problems along the Colombia-Venezuela border rumbling on, President Nicolás Maduro has appeared in a Youtube video, proving that his shoe is still on the right foot.

Maduro appears in the video brandishing red boots which are very similar to the “Yankee” Converse style shoe, holding his Bolivarian boots in a homage to predecessor Hugo Chávez.

If the shoe fits…

Simón Bolivar, a Venezuelan military leader, played a key role in the independence of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador from Spanish rule. He remains a key figure in Venezuelan politics.

“Here are the boots, look. Here are the Chávez boots. The boots for our socialist Bolivarian youth.” He comments in the video while holding up a shoe.

The boots also feature insignia from Venezuela’s United Socialist Party (PSUV).


Photo: VTV

While showing off the boots, Chávez sported a red Adidas jacket, in a nod to consumerism and capitalism.

Kinky boots

“Our roar can be heard in Washingtion, the roar of imperialism. Here is the youth which will defend Bolivar’s homeland, defend our independence and Venezuelan socialism!” Maduro told the assembled youths at the 7th edition of the PSUV young members meeting in Caruachi.

“Remember Chávez’s red boots… put on your socialism boots, seven years later young people are wearing the boots for 21st century Bolivarian socialism.” he added.

Maduro also took the chance at the meeting to show off some of his fancy footwork:

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