Maduro: "they are plotting to kill me," as border crisis worsens
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Maduro: "they are plotting to kill me," as border crisis worsens

“Do you know how many Colombians there are in Spain and in Europe? Over a million, a lot more than a million, and how many are there in Venezuela? At least five million. Those who are heading back to Colombia need to think.” Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro commented.

As the Venezuela-Colombia border crisis enters its second week, Maduro is convinced that neighboring President Juan Manuel Santos is plotting his murder.

Maduro madness

“They are threatening us from Bogotá: I have proof that I am going to show as to how they are plotting to kill me (…), sadly, Colombian government is turning a blind eye, they are going to assassinate Nicolás Maduro.” Maduro said, from Vietnam where he is currently on a state visit.

Maduro is anxious to arrange a meeting with the Union of South American States (UNASUR), to reveal proof of a plot, Colombia’s El Universal reported.

“History is repeating itself,”

“(Santos) is being led by his advisors and is losing his senses, he isn’t seeing the root of the problem. The problem is a huge social crisis and he has to resolve it.” Maduro added.

The crisis has led to the closure of six border crossings, with the Red Cross setting up camps on the Colombian side of the border.

Around 10,000 Colombians who have been living illegally in Venezuela are fleeing a crackdown on crime and smuggling, the Guardian reports.

Maduro’s actions have been met with mixed reactions on Twitter.

“History is repeating itself,” one user tweets:

For the time being, the Organization of American States (OAS) has refused to hold a meeting on the border crisis.

The call for a meeting required support from 18 of 34 OAS members – the meeting came in one short, with 17 votes in favor.

Five countries voted against the proposal and 11 abstained, Reuters reported.

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