Meet Brazil's Edward Scissorhands, hairdresser Deoripe Rodrigues
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Meet Brazil's Edward Scissorhands, hairdresser Deoripe Rodrigues

In need of a haircut? Short on time? Then you might need a trip to Brazilian hairdresser Deoripe Rodrigues.


Photo: Ruptly TV

Known as the Brazilian “Edward Scissorhands”, Deoripe shows off his skills at a São Paulo salon in the video below.

He can complete a haircut in an impressive four minutes or less, all whilst holding up to 23 pairs of scissors in his hands:

“With 23 pairs of scissors I can complete a haircut in a maximum time of four minutes, with one pair I need up to 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the cut.” The hairdresser comments in the video.

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Photo: Ruptly TV

Inspired by Tim Burton’s movie, Deoripe began hairdressing aged just eight-years-old, adding more and more scissors as years went by, The Revoluzionne reports.

With his love of techno music and quick haircuts, Deoripe has a keen following for his unique, on-trend cuts.

But a haircut from Deoripe isn’t cheap, he charges up to 480 real ($123) per session.

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