Mexican nun Sister Flor is Masterchef favorite
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Mexican nun Sister Flor is Masterchef favorite

Do you love Masterchef? You might not be familiar with Mexico’s latest contestant.

Meet Sister Flor, the 67-year-old nun who spends Monday to Saturday cooking for around 200 children at a Seminary in Puebla, Mexico.

Flor hopes to win the one million peso (around $60,000) prize money to help her nunnery- currently in debt.

Having lived in Italy, Spain and Africa as a missionary, Flor was always drawn to the kitchen. A lover of Italian food, she even lived in the Vatican, Rome, for 40 years, a dab hand at making pizza and pasta, Religión en Libertad reports.

Since appearing on Masterchef, Flor has won over the hearts and stomachs of Mexico’s audience – she even has her own fanclub.

Always appearing with a smile in her black habit, Flor told  Mexican daily El País “My love of God is comparable to my love of the kitchen.”

“I’m sure you have a pact with the devil,” judge Beatriz Vázquez even commented, after trying Flor’s chicken and vegetable dish.

Yet Flor left the judges and Masterchef production crew speechless during filming of the most recent episode of the show, adding sauce to her burrito dish well after time had been called in the kitchen.

Rumors that the nun tried to hide her actions from the judges have flown around Mexican social media, in particular after fellow contender Nallely was sent home.

But despite cheating claims, Flor remains a firm favorite with chefs of all ages:

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