Mexican Roberto Esquivel Cabrera could have the world's largest penis
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Mexican Roberto Esquivel Cabrera could have the world's largest penis

“I want people to see, I can’t go to church because I can’t even kneel down, wherever I go, people stare at me. I’m disabled, I can’t work.” Roberto Esquivel Cabrera told Mexican media.

“I want to go to the Guinness World Records because if I win, they will give me lots of money. I’m poor, I live on donations, on benefits, I eat in soup kitchens.”

Roberto could be the man with the largest penis in the world.

The 52-year-old could soon enter the record books, beating previous Guinness World Record holder,  American Jonah Falcon, at 34 centimeters.

Roberto measures 48.2!


Roberto has led a life of poverty. The excess skin and tissue from his penis reaches his knees, which has prevented the Coahuila state resident from working.

He hopes now to be in with a chance of entering the record books, following his dreams of a lucrative pornography career.

“Can you imagine? With the money from the record books I can buy the equipment to record movies and sell them worldwide, to make millions.”

Roberto has never married, he has no family members who are able to support him.

His unusual case remains a mystery for Mexican doctors in the region. The actual gland measures 25 centimeters in size, hidden under all the excess skin.

Hopefully news coverage will finally provide some sort of medical help for Roberto, who can’t even find underwear which fits him comfortably.

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