Mexican singer Larry Hernández held without bail, faces prison sentence
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Mexican singer Larry Hernández held without bail, faces prison sentence

Popular regional Mexican singer Larry Hernández has been arrested and is being held without bail after being stopped at Ontario airport, California.

According to reports, Sinaloan-born Hernández is accused of holding a concert promoter against his will during a concert in Los Angeles in August. Hernández had asked for $30,000 for the concert, and only received $14,000.

Hernández allegedly wrapped the promoter in plastic tarpaulin and began hitting his face and body with a hammer, Univision reports.

The promoter reported the attack to Newberry Police Officials, South Carolina.

Facing jail time

Hernández was sought for questioning, but his failure to attend resulted in his arrest on September 25.

The singer responded to allegations during a recent Telemundo interview:

“In this business, a lot of people want to damage your image,” he said.

“That’s what I’m living now (…) It’s all lies and time will tell,” the singer added.

The star of reality show Larrymania, is an avid Twitter user yet no tweets have been published since his arrest last week.

The singer could face up to 30-years behind bars.

Hernández’s wife Kenia Ontiveros visited the South Carolina jail where the star is being held on Sunday.

She commented that the singer was “very hopeful” over the case outcome, adding that he was “very well and very motivated.”

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