Michelle Bachelet dances cumbia at August event
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Michelle Bachelet dances cumbia at August event

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet is well known for being a bit of a dancing queen.

Not one to be outdone, check out this video of the president dancing salsa during a visit to Peru last year:

Get the party started

It appears that Michelle Bachelet will jump at the chance to have a dance!

This video of Bachelet dancing at the festival “Pasamos Agosto 2015” was held in the La Cisterna municipality in Santiago de Chile.

Keen to show off her steps, the president takes to the dance floor to dance cumbia with PPD party mayor Santiago Rebolledo.

During a state visit to Mexico during the past month, Bachelet also left the country on a high after joining group Los Ángeles Negros on stage for the band’s final numbers.

Hundreds of Chileans attending the event, the majority of which moved to the country to flee Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship, recorded the event on their cellphones.

The video was soon tweeted:

Bachelet has recently made waves in Chile by beginning the process to overturn the controversial abortion law passed under Pinochet’s rule.

Abortion in Chile is currently illegal without exception.

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