Peruvian university lecturer appears in video dancing reggaeton
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Peruvian university lecturer appears in video dancing reggaeton

A video shared on the Facebook group Perú REC has gone viral, after a university lecturer appears dancing reggaeton with a pupil.

The recording was allegedly made in Peru’s César Vallejo University, in the coastal town of Trujillo.


Posted by Perù REC on Monday, 21 September 2015


“Come on girls, dance!” The video’s recorder shouts, as the lecturer spins the girls around.


Photo: Facebook

The video has had mixed reactions on the REC Facebook page.

Students and Facebook users have commented that the video is ridiculous, claiming that the lecturer’s behavior is inappropriate and unprofessional.

“Is that a university class?!” One Facebook user posts.

But other users, among them César Vallejo students, have reacted to the video, claiming that the classroom shown isn’t at their university, as the classroom shown is allegedly a different layout to those found on the Trujillo campus.

“It’s definitely not Vallejo.” One Facebook user writes under the post.

“Loads of likes for this teacher, that’s how all teachers should be.” Writes another.

“Let’s leave prejudice aside and congratulate the teacher for his dynamic classes.” Adds another user.

Publicity stunt or a lecturer letting his hair down? The response to this video has seen it become a viral hit in Peru and beyond.

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