Salsa swagga, Colombian kids have all the moves
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Salsa swagga, Colombian kids have all the moves

You may remember the Colombian selection showing their fancy footwork after each goal scored during the 2014 World Cup.

The squad danced along to the song “Ras Tas Tas” by Colombian group Cali Flow.

James Rodríguez has even taught new Real Madrid team mate Cristiano Ronaldo some new “choke” moves.


Photo: El Espectador

But you might not be so familiar with the style of salsa music that the team were dancing along to.

Salsa choke” is native to the city of Cali, Colombia. The “choke” element being a bump-style or “choque” dance.

This type of salsa mixes traditional Pacific instruments with Cali style salsa and urban rhythms.

Got swagga?

Colombia’s ProColombia, a company promoting the country’s culture and tourism markets, tried to update the squad’s image during the Copa América held during June of this year.

The new song of choice was to be “El Swagga”, the latest musical hit by Cali Flow, El Espectador reports.

This video of a little girl dancing swagga in Cali, has had over a million hits on Youtube so far:

Not to be outdone, check out this boy in Bogotá.

The video was allegedly filmed in a public school somewhere in the Colombian capital.

That’s some impressive coordination:

These tots are also fairly light on their feet.

Don’t miss the onlookers (Mom and Dad? or annoying neighbors) shouting out corrections:

Which tiny dancer gets your vote?

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