Social media responds to Chilean earthquake
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Social media responds to Chilean earthquake

Chile has been hit by an 8.3 magnitude earthquake, killing eight people and resulting in the mass evacuation of one million people as the country’s coastal cities remained under risk from tsunamis.

The coastal city of Tongoy was the first hit by a tsunami, the Guardian reports.

Across Chile and Argentina social media has been buzzing with videos uploaded from eyewitness reports as the quake hit.

Shared experiences

One Twitter user shared this video as the quake struck in the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez international airport northwest of Santiago de Chile:

The Argentina news channel Arg Noticias tweeted this video recorded in a supermarket in Chile as the quake hit:

While this video shows office workers calmly evacuating as their workspace begins to sway as the earthquake hits:

Bachelet reacts

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet will travel to the areas worst affected by the quake.

“The National Emergencies Office (ONEMI) is completing a damages report, we have received partial information, which we are compiling to get a clearer image.” Bachelet commented.

“Once again nature has dealt us a severe blow,” she added.

Bachelet has faced three earthquakes during her presidency, the first, in 2010, resulted in over 500 deaths and disappeared.

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