Uber becomes parody of choice across Central American media
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Uber becomes parody of choice across Central American media

As Uber continues to be met with resistance and protests from taxi drivers and town councils across Latin America, artists have responded with songs in favor of the cell-phone app service.


Photo: Youtube

Costa Rican show Chonete TV has released their own parody, welcoming the service across the country.

“He’s going to charge me, double.” The comedians rap, in a parody of Pitbull’s hit “El Taxi”.

The song continues to criticize drivers charging high fares and taking longer routes than necessary.

“Costa Rica welcomes Uber”

The Uber service has been in operation in Costa Rica since August 21.

The company tweeted it would offer new users two free trips up to the value of 5000 Colón (around $9).

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The latest viral parody features artists Big LAnder and Da TRipod.

“We’d like to welcome Uber and all of its users to Central America.”

“I don’t want a taxi, from now on I only want Uber.” The chorus repeats.

Latin America reacts to Uber

Uber continues to meet resistance across Brazil, having been banned in Rio de Janeiro and provoking more protests in São Paulo.

In Colombia, the service has launched “UberENGLISH” enabling users to ask for an English-speaking driver.

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