Woman almost hit by truck, escape captured on video
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Woman almost hit by truck, escape captured on video

One woman in Chile’s northern mining town of Antofagasta had a very lucky escape, after almost being crushed by a gas truck.

The truck was driving along the town’s Avenida Grecia, seen in the video which the truck’s inside camera captured.


The driver is suddenly hit by a stray car at an intersection, crashing into the vehicle from the left-hand side.

Lucky escape

In the video you can see a woman walking along the sidewalk, who has to literally run for her life after nearly being hit by the truck.

Even worse, the woman is almost hit by a stray traffic light, sent flying by the impact of the crash.

The woman has a lucky escape, missing being hit by literally centimeters.

Check out the Youtube video below:

The video was shared on Youtube channel “Soy Antofagasta.”

The town’s transport police and fire service rushed to the scene, during which neither driver suffered serious injuries.

Authorities have been searching for the woman, who also escaped without even a scratch.

Dangerous driving

This isn’t the first near miss in Antofagasta.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-07-at-07.12.35-1024x5351  Screen-Shot-2015-09-07-at-07.27.54-1024x5811

A security camera captured another woman during October 2014, almost crushed by a speeding van which failed to stop at a pedestrian crossing.

The woman escaped with light injuries, Chile’s 24 horas reported.

Increased accidents have been linked to more traffic on the town’s roads.

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