Animal rescue videos go viral across Colombia
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Animal rescue videos go viral across Colombia

A different type of police video is going viral across Colombia.

Instead of images of accidents, protests or altercations, it is videos of the police saving animals that is warming the hearts of the animal-loving nation.

Even if you aren’t a big fan of the police, these videos are sure to put a smile on your face.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

Over 2000 cats and dogs found on the streets of Bogotá were up for adoption in 2013, ending in an 85 percent success adoption rate, the city council reported. But this is only a small percentage, as the sheer total of stray pets in Bogotá’s streets is estimated at over 800,000.

The dog in the following video “Principe” was saved from a river in the town of Salgar, in the Antioquia department, after a mudslide and heavy rains resulted in disaster.

Principe is now a happy member of the Antioquia police dog squad:

The dog in the following video was rescued by Bogotá police in the Suba Rincón municipality, after nearly drowning in a reservoir:

But perhaps the most impressive animal rescue video was recorded in the rural area of Puerto Rico in the Risaralda department.

Police spent half an hour rescuing the mare who had got stuck in swampland after the horse’s owner had spent three hours trying to help the horse:

Mistreatment of animals could soon result in a 40 month prison sentence in Colombia.

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