Can your dog jump rope? Meet Brazil’s Bolinha…
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Can your dog jump rope? Meet Brazil’s Bolinha…

This video, recorded in the Penha neighborhood in the north of Rio de Janeiro, has gone viral across Brazil and Latin America.

This amazing dog appears as a jump rope pro, helping a group of children swing the rope for their friends in a video initially published by Brazilian news outlet Globo.

A neighbor commented that this is not the first time the dog has played with the children, but this is the first time the jump rope dog was captured on video, Noticias MVS reports.

Man’s best friend

Residents from the area confirmed that the dog is a street dog, surviving on food and scraps provided by animal-loving inhabitants.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Ricardo Cavalcante and has been shared over 71,ooo times with over 1.7 million views.

According to Cavalcante, the dog is known as Bolinha and is “very playful.”

“He loves jumping and surprising the children,” Cavalcante added.

It would appear that dogs are pretty talented at jumping rope, as this Youtube video also from Brazil shows:

Although it takes Pitú, the dog, a few attempts to get going, he soon is swinging the rope with his owners like a pro.

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