Daniel Scioli: A clear front-runner for Argentina’s elections?
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Daniel Scioli: A clear front-runner for Argentina’s elections?

As Argentina’s presidential elections loom on the horizon (October 25 to be precise) Center-left Frente para la Victoria candidate Daniel Scioli continues to lead the polls.

Scioli, mentored by current President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, must gain over 40 percent of votes to win the first round of the elections, combined with a lead of over 10 points from his closest rival.

Results from the polls have been incredibly close so far, as pollsters Poliarquía Consultores have Scioli at 37.1 percent and his closest rival, mayor of Buenos Aires city Mauricio Macri, at 26.2 percent. Scioli might have a 10 point lead but he falls short of the 40 percent he needs to avoid the run-off, Página 12 reports.

“Scioli is very close to his 40 percent goal, but there’s no guarantee he will achieve it.” Director of Poliarquía Eduardo Fidanza told La Nación.

Drawing battlelines

While Scioli looks like a clear winner for the first round, an eventual second round would have a much different outcome, if the two runners-up both share over 50 percent of the vote between them.

“Scioli owes all his votes to Cristina,” Alberto Fernandez, a political ally of third-ranking candidate Sergio Massa, the New York Times reports.

But Scioli continues to play a delicate political battle, trying to keep Fernández “on-side” while rethinking the majority of her now, much debated, policies.

He proposes “gradual change” in the form of $30 billion annual investment, warning that Macri’s proposed rapid changes would sink Argentina into another recession.

As Macri and Sergio Massa, quibble over the remaining “serviceable” vote, Massa continues to plead his case.

Only he could eventually beat Scioli he claims, while Macri continues to vouch for his run-off potential.

Still, as election fever heats up in Argentina, October 25 will see who looks most likely to replace Fernández, after months of speculation.

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