Donald Trump: The saga continues
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Donald Trump: The saga continues

Republican candidate Donald Trump has offended the vast majority of the Hispanic population during his ongoing political campaign.

After revealing plans he would construct a wall to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into the U.S. via the Mexican border, Trump has done it again by announcing he plans to deport around 12 million people if elected as president in 2016.

“They (immigrants) have to come here legally. And as you know, when I previously mentioned the wall, we are also going to have an enormous and beautiful open door.” Trump said.

Yet Trump’s ongoing xenophobic and tasteless remarks have seen him lose more than a few famous friends. Not helped by the businessman terming Mexicans “rapists“.

“He’s a clown!”

Amongst them is Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.

“I’ve sung numerous times in his casinos, but I won’t be doing it again.” The father of Enrique Iglesias commented.

“He thinks he can save the world by forgetting what immigrants have done for his country (the U.S.). He’s a clown! (I’m sorry for clowns!)” He added.

The singer released his latest album México on September 23:

Actress América Ferrera, star of the show “Ugly Betty” has also hit back against Trump.

“Your comments serve as a catalyst so that Latinos vote and prevent you or any other candidate with a program so full of hatred will become President of the United States. You want to be president in a country where the Latino population increased 49 percent between 2000 and 2012. There are lots of North Americans who are Latino and we have a right to vote. We won’t disappear.” She added.

Money making opportunity

But a group of Mexican comedians have managed to see the funny side behind Trump’s ongoing campaign, inspiring a new Theater production: “The Sons of Trump”.

After six weeks in Mexico City, the show hopes to move on to U.S. theatres in Los Angeles and Chicago.

“Donald Trump has taken off in the news… It made sense to remake him and I think it will make a lot of money.” Mexican scenographer, Sergio Villegas said.

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