Honduran government seizes Grupo Continental businesses
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Honduran government seizes Grupo Continental businesses

The Honduran government has seized 19 businesses belonging to Grupo Continental and five homes of its vice president Jaime Rosenthal and two other relatives accused by the United States of money laundering.

The government said in a statement Wednesday that it aimed to prevent the transfer of the assets during the investigation.

Hundreds of police, soldiers, judges and prosecutors participated in the actions in five provinces across Honduras.

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On October 7, the U.S. Treasury department announced that Rosenthal, his son Yani Rosenthal and nephew Yankel Rosenthal along with the varied businesses of Grupo Continental had been designated under the Kingpin Act. U.S. prosecutors accuse them of laundering money for Central American drug traffickers.

They have denied the allegations.

The government is also forcing the liquidation of the family’s Banco Continental.

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