Honduras bank to go into liquidation
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Honduras bank to go into liquidation

One of Honduras’ most powerful businessmen is trying to calm clients after the government announced it would force the immediate liquidation of his family’s bank.

Jaime Rosenthal is accused by U.S. prosecutors of money laundering. He said Sunday that his family will honor all of its financial commitments, especially those of their Banco Continental.

Rosenthal’s son, nephew and a company lawyer were also named in a federal indictment last week and nephew Yankel Rosenthal was arrested in Miami. U.S. prosecutors say the family has used its businesses to launder money for multiple Central American drug traffickers.

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The family denies all of the allegations.

The Honduran government said Friday it would soon name someone to take over bank’s operations. The Rosenthals have asked that bank be allowed to voluntarily liquidate.

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