Mario Vargas Llosa talks politics, peace processes and freedom of the press
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Mario Vargas Llosa talks politics, peace processes and freedom of the press

Known for his controversial views Peruvian Nobel prize winning author Mario Vargas Llosa has ruffled more than a few feathers during a talk at the Inter-American Press Association (SIP) General Assembly.

Speaking in relation to Peruvian politics, the author expressed it was worrying that citizens had to choose between “a dictatorship and corruption,” Perú 21 reports.

Peruvian politics

“It’s very worrying that the daughter of a dictator (Alberto Fujimori) has topped surveys, as there are a large number of Peruvians who appear to have forgotten that this was one of the bloodiest and most corrupt dictatorships,” Vargas Llosa commented in reference to Keiko Fujimori, currently running for presidency.

Peru’s general elections are set to be held during April next year, with Fuerza Popular candidate Keiko Fujimori currently beating Apra center-left candidate Alan García and PPK candidate ex-Finance Minister Pedro Pablo Kuzcynski in popularity polls.

Vargas Llosa added that Pedro Pablo Kuzcynski was the “Best prepared out of all (the candidates),” to replace current President Ollanta Humala.

Peruvian social media responded to the outspoken author under the hashtag #MarioPorQuéNoTeCallas:

“It’s easy to live outside of Peru visit every five years with a different argument.” One user tweeted.

“Vargas Llosa is still bitter after his lost out to Fujimori during his political campaign in 1990.” Political activist and journalist Enrique Valderrama tweets.

Journalists under threat

Moving away from Peruvian politics, Vargas Llosa also discussed threats posed to journalists living and working in Latin America.

“Freedom of the press doesn’t only have enemies in the form of governments, there also exist drug trafficking organizations, scared by a press which investigates and denounces drug trafficking activities,” El Tribuno reported.

Good news for Colombia though, as Vargas Llosa supported Juan Manuel Santos’ involvement in the peace process commenting “it would be a mistake to oppose the peace process (in Colombia.”

During the nearly two-hour long discussion, U.S. Republican party candidate didn’t escape comment, as Vargas Llosa added that the businessman was a “racist demagogue.”

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