Mexico plans to use drones as search for missing Ayotzinapa students continues
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Mexico plans to use drones as search for missing Ayotzinapa students continues

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (PGR) confirmed plans to begin using drones as the search for the missing 43 Ayotzinapa students continues.

Over a year since the students disappearance at a rural agricultural college, remains from two of the 43 victims have been identified.

“One of the suggestions that families has made is the use of technology in the search. They suggested it and the (international) experts also supported the use of drones and technology which enables us to detect irregularities or debris in the earth,” Eber Omar Betanzos, Deputy Attorney General for the case, commented.

The Inter-American Human Rights Commission confirmed they will continue to work on the case until April 30 2016, with the possibility of extending the search, El Espectador reports.

The commission has asked that Mexican government ensures the “necessary conditions” to enable the search to continue.

While across Mexico Day of the Dead celebrations are kicking off, families of the missing students remain hopeful that their loved ones are still alive.

“We won’t be making an altar,” Melitón Ortega, father of one of the missing students commented.

“For us, our children are alive,” he added, “however we would still like to encourage the population to support our movement for the families of the missing students.”

The students have been missing since September 26 2014.

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