Myriam Witcher, the Colombian who supports Donald Trump
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Myriam Witcher, the Colombian who supports Donald Trump

She might be a one-woman minority, but Colombian Myriam Witcher, originally from the Valle de Cauca department was not afraid to show her support for Republican candidate Donald Trump after jumping onto a podium to join the media mogul in Las Vegas last week.

“I’m Hispanic and I will vote for Donald Trump!” She proclaimed.

Colombian daily El Espectador has even questioned Witcher’s nationality, over claims that she is in fact Venezuelan.

Feeling the love

Yet why is Witcher feeling so much love for a candidate that is hated by the majority of the Hispanic voting population for his outlandish and xenophobic remarks?

“My personality is very similar to his. I’ve read all of his books, he’s been my best mentor as part of my personal life, I love his books and his life. His parents did an excellent job, Trump is a man with a very good heart,” the 55-year-old commented in an interview, married to U.S. resident Roger Lee Witcher.

But what of Trump’s off the wall immigration policies?

“The United States doesn’t have enough money to welcome lots of people, it would be better to go to the Middle East… Donald Trump has a very big heart, good people will stay in the United States and the bad people will leave.” she added, refusing to reveal her maiden name.

Witcher’s love even reaches her Twitter account:

Before she later tweeted:

Political mindgames

But how powerful a pawn is Witcher for Trump’s ongoing political campaign?

“I’m not surprised that Trump’s campaign has found someone like Witchner to demonstrate that the Hispanic population supports his aspirations to become president. What is strange is that it has taken him so much time to use it, because Hispanics like her (Witchner) aren’t that scarce. There are a lot,” analyst and professor at the International University of Florida Eduardo Gamarra told daily El Tiempo.

This could be the start of a Hispanic turn around in Trump’s fanbase, as he tweeted after leaving the Las Vegas event:

In fact, after offending the majority of Mexicans earlier this year, Trump has now realized that it is the Hispanic population vote that counts.

“I will win the Hispanic vote. I will win the Hispanic vote because I am going to create jobs. I will take them (employment) out of China,” he commented.

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