Pizza at El Vómito, and other bizarre Colombian business names…
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Pizza at El Vómito, and other bizarre Colombian business names…

For those travelling and living in Latin America, the novelty behind stumbling across a business or restaurant with a humorous name is an almost everyday occurrence.

From small towns to large cities, inspired business owners aim to stand out from the competition, using a witty marketing ploy or phrase.

But Colombian businesses take bizarre names to a whole new level. Would you eat a pizza at El Vómito?

One night one of  María Fernanda Sánchez’s Santa Marta-based customers asked her to make a pizza “that looked like someone had vomited on it” and so a name was born.

Along with husband Jimmy Marmolejo, the couple have been running their successful fast food restaurant for 18 years, with a menu offering pizzas, hotdogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob and meat kebabs.


Photo: El Espectador

The famous vomit inspired pizza was dreamt up by the family preparing a pizza with all of the leftover ingredients each night before closing.

“There are people that say can you make me a pizza but please don’t tell me the name, others who say wow what a great name and others who don’t mind the name at all,” Sánchez comments.

Neiva York

Another amusing business name can be found in Bogotá’s sprawling bus terminal.

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Photo: El Tiempo

From sweets to blankets and sunglasses, fried empanadas and hot cups of coffee, Neiva York offers a variety of goods for the discerning bus traveller.

“When I lived in Venezuela in Ciudad Guyana with my family we met a lot of Colombians who were from Neiva,” Orlando Orjuela the shop’s owner reminisces.

“They always referred to their city as Neiva York and felt proud to compare it to New York,” He adds.

Which bizarre names have you come across on your travels?

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