Remains of 3 victims of Bogotá Palace of Justice explosion uncovered
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Remains of 3 victims of Bogotá Palace of Justice explosion uncovered

Authorities in Colombia have located the remains of three victims who disappeared 30 years ago during the army’s violent siege of the Palace of Justice.

All three were identified through DNA testing of relatives. Eight more people remain unaccounted for.

The remains belong to Lucy Amparo Oviedo Bonilla, found in two boxes stored in a government warehouse and Cristina del Pilar Guarín Cortés and Luz Mary Portela León – whose remains were found in common graves.

Of the three victims, two worked in the building cafeteria while the third was a frequent visitor.

Guerrillas belonging to the now-defunct M-19 rebel movement raided the building and took members of the Supreme Court as hostages in 1985, demanding a political trial for then President Belisario Betancur.

The army responded with a raid that left more than 100 dead, including 11 Supreme Court justices.

The incident remains highly controversial to this day, over claims that now deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar was responsible for the attack.

In September 2014, prosecutors identified the remains of two female M-19 rebel fighters who vanished during the fighting.

Investigations into the siege resulted in the sentencing of former commander General Jesus Arias Cabrales and Colonel Luis Alfonso Plazas Vega, receiving sentences of 35 and 30 years respectively.

Colombian armed group the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) has been engaged in peace negotiations with President Juan Manuel Santos since 2012.

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