Venezuela produces world’s largest chocolate coin
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Venezuela produces world’s largest chocolate coin

While neighbors Colombia may have made it into the Guiness World Record books earlier this year, Venezuela has now also been awarded a title.


Photo: Globovision

Good news for those with a sweet-tooth, as on October 2 the country was awarded the title of producing the world’s largest chocolate coin produced over a period of 12 hours at Caracas’ third International Chocolate Fair.

“We produced the chocolate ourselves using cacao from all across Venezuela,” Jorman Silva, chef from the NGO Fundación Nuestra Tierra (Our Earth Foundation) told daily El Universal.

The coin beat previous record holders Italy’s 2012 attempt, weighing in at 658 kilos.

Willy Wonka?

The giant coin weighed 874 kilos in total, measuring 2.4 meters in diameter and 20 centimeters in height, confirmed Spanish Guinness World Record judge Carlos Martínez.

Around 100 cake bakers, patisserie chefs, chocolatiers and other volunteers began the mammoth process in Caracas on Thursday.

“I doubt that anyone will break this record outside of Venezuela, at least not by using Venezuelan cacao,” Silman added.

Venezuela produces around 18,000 tons of cacao annually, of which around half is exported for use in global chocolate markets.

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