Argentina electoral candidate criticizes leftist governments
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Argentina electoral candidate criticizes leftist governments

Opposition presidential candidate in Argentina’s runoff elections, Mauricio Macri, has criticized some leftist governments in South America.

Macri has campaigned on free-market ideas and describes his vision of governing as “21st century development” as compared to “21st century socialism” – a term employed by now deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

Macri told a gathering of international reporters that despite differing ideologies, he would not have an issue working with left-leaning leaders such as Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

“Our ideology is to resolve problems and get things done,” Macri said. “We don’t believe that Argentina’s future lies in the recipes of the past. There is an intermediary way that is solving the problems of the people, telling the truth and respecting institutions.”

The politician expressed concern about Venezuela’s socialist administration, in relation to opposition leaders who have been jailed under Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Macri said that if the leaders are not liberated he would push to remove Venezuela from the South American bloc known as Mercosur, if made Argentina’s president.

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