American English Institute – University of Oregon
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American English Institute – University of Oregon

The University of Oregon’s (UO) American English Institute (AEI) provides high quality English language instruction and English language training for international students. The Institute has been welcoming students since 1978, with a mission to ensure academic and lifelong success in the English language.

English for all English levels
The AEI at UO offers courses that benefit students, regardless of their level of English. For students not matriculated to UO, the Intensive English Program (IEP) offers core classes, electives and extracurricular learning to meet with students’ requirements.

Each of the seven learning levels is divided into two core courses: Reading/Writing/Grammar (RWG) and Oral Skills (OS). Full-time students will take two basic curriculum courses, totaling 18 class hours per week.  In addition, students can take up to six additional hours of interest-based elective courses. Small class sizes and access to the Yamada Language Center means students can also practice what they have learned in class through hundreds of language-learning software programs.

For those students accepted fully or conditionally to UO, the AEI offers Academic English for International Students (AEIS), which helps students earn academic credit as they reach the academic language levels required for successful study at the university. During AEIS classes, students learn how to meet Academic American English requirements, as well as communication and cultural skills to help them enjoy their time on campus  to the fullest.

As UO students, those participating in the AEI programs can also actively obtain support through the Tutoring and Conversation Partner Program, through which a group of domestic University of Oregon students provide support, tutoring and mentoring to international students. In addition to the two hours students have to practice their English speaking and listening, the exchange is an opportunity for students to gain greater cultural awareness and better understand US culture.

Join a welcoming student community

Students from across the globe can expect high quality teaching in small class sizes at AEI, developing their English language skills and proficiency through exchange and practice.


Students at the University of Oregon. Pic: University of Oregon

International students receive a warm welcome at AEI, where they are an important part of the 24,000 students on the University of Oregon campus. New students can enjoy all kinds of activities, such as joining one of the many intramural sports teams; working out in the Student Recreation Center; or even attending a talk in the EMU ballroom.

Students need never feel alone, as the AEI and University’s Student Support Services provides help from academic support to financial and legal services. Right from day one, students are encouraged to consult the Career Center or pursue formal leadership opportunities at the Holden Center for Leadership and Engagement, meaning they can learn skills and life experiences which will serve them on campus and beyond.

English for Professionals
For professionals interested in developing professionally, the AEI offers English Teacher Training Programs conducted online, on campus or across the globe. Customized programs can combine English theory with practice in the latest teaching methods, and may also include face-to-face or virtual class observations, visits to local schools, and cultural events. The AEI faculty also provides practical workshops based on a variety of topics as part of a tandem with other departments, programs, or sponsoring agencies such as ministries of education.

Whether you are a language learner or a professional, the AEI has something to offer.

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