Australian tourists still missing in Mexico
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Australian tourists still missing in Mexico

Australian tourists Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman were traveling from Edmonton, Canada to Mexico and were scheduled to arrive on November 21 in the city of Guadalajara but have failed to appear.

Friends say the surfers were driving a van through the drug gang-ridden state of Sinaloa when they went missing. A van which fits the description has since been found.

Coleman’s girlfriend, Andrea Gomez commented that she and Lucas’ partner, Josie Cox, will travel to the Sinaloan capital of Culiacan on Monday to see if two bodies reportedly found inside the burned van are the Australians.

“Everything points to it being their van, it even had a bicycle, but nothing has been confirmed yet,” said Gomez.

“They were in a rush and I think they travelled during the night. I mentioned to them that it wasn’t safe but I failed to tell them about the horrible things that could happen.” She added.

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