Bolivian prison warden fired over noisy birthday party
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Bolivian prison warden fired over noisy birthday party

Colonel Johnny Rojas, warden of Bolivia’s main Palmasola prison, has been fired and placed under investigation for permitting a noisy birthday party to be thrown behind bars for the country’s imprisoned former anti-drug chief.

Rojas allegedly granted another prisoner’s request to throw the party for ex-general Oscar Nina.

Government Minister Carlos Romero said parties of a “recreational and cultural” nature are permitted at the prison, “but they don’t usually take place at 11 at night”. The Guardian reports.

Neighbors complained about loud music from the October party, which reportedly included singers in the main patio at Palmasola penitentiary. Bolivia’s largest prison houses about 4,000 inmates outside Santa Cruz.

Nina’s attorney says his client did not promote the party.

The former top cop was arrested on suspicion of helping a Mexican drug lord’s son enter Bolivia under a fake identity to learn how to pilot small planes.

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