Brazil prescribes new cancer fighting miracle pill
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Brazil prescribes new cancer fighting miracle pill

Brazilian researcher Durvanei Augusto Maria is convinced he has found a breakthrough cancer treatment, after some 15 years of research into the illness.

The expert, from São Paulo’s biochemistry laboratory the Instituto Butantan commented that the pill contained synthetic phosphoethanolamine, which has gained something of a miracle status in Brazil.

“It (the pill) reduces the tumor size and metastasis size,” Maria commented.

“I think that, in combination with other treatments, it could increase patients’ life expectancy so that chemotherapy and radiotherapy will be effective.” He added.

Finally a cure?

But this alleged miracle cure has not gone down well with sceptics. To date, the drug has only been tested on animals, not on humans.

With rats and larger mammals as the testing subject of choice for Maria and his team, there still remains an element of uncertainty around the mysterious properties that phosphoethanolamine boasts.

The researcher went on to comment that phosphoethanolamine has “anti-tumorous properties” able to activate specific properties which then kick-start cancerous cell die off.

But this mystery drug is nothing new.

In fact, the mystery pill was in fact freely distributed by the chemistry department at the University of São Paulo for some 25 years, Maria’s former place of work.

When the department decided to stop distribution of the drug, some patients began legal processes against the USP, accepted by the Brazilian Supreme Court.

“This substance isn’t a cure,” the university commented in a release. “It was studied as a chemical product and there is no qualifying evidence that it is effective against the illness.”

“An aberration”

Use of the drug has been termed an “aberration” by the Brazilian Clinical Oncology Society.

“This medication hasn’t been tested on humans and today we know that for every 100 molecules on which we begin clinical studies in humans, at the very least one will become a commercial drug,” Doctor Evanius Garcia Wiermann from the society commented.

But despite Maria now facing the USP and Brazilian medics, he appears determined to fight the “bureaucracy” ruling the country and preventing his drug from reaching the market.

For now though, the miraculous cure for cancer remains as yet to be found, as Maria could be otherwise engaged in a hefty lawsuit.

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